Proposed Course Syllabus
University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia
September 30 -- October 18, 1996

Instructor: John Mackenzie, Associate Professor of environmental and resource economics, University of Delaware. e-mail:

Objectives: Introduce applications of geographic information systems to natural resource management problems. This course will include hands-on training in GRASS 4.1, a unix-based public-domain GIS.

Prerequisites: familiarity with a unix operating system.

Documentation: GRASS 4.1 is fully documented in the GRASS Reference Manual (550 pages) and GRASS Programmer Guide (340 pages). Postscript-format versions of these available via ftp from This site also distributes tutorials for the r.mapcalc map algebra utility, image processing and other topics, as well as GRASS source code and compiled binaries for various operating systems including Linux.