FREC 682: Spatial Analysis

Instructor: John Mackenzie
office: Townsend 215     office hours: Wednesdays 2-3PM or by appointmtent
office phone: 302-831-1312     cell: 302-373-3723     FREC dept. fax: 302-831-6243

The class meets Monday evenings, 6-9PM in the Geography Dept. GIS lab, Room 203 Pearson Hall.

NOTE: there is NO PREREQUISITE for this class; the erroneous online course pre-req. info will prevent you from registering online. Contact the FREC dept. coordinator (phone 831-2511) to register.

The 10 Commandments of GIS

This class provides individualized training in GIS analytics to support your thesis research. If you are a GIS novice, you may complete a sequence of structured projects that provide a fairly comprehensive introduction to GIS analytics. If you already have GIS experience, your may use the structured projects as review, and then pursue GIS aspects of your own research. At the conclusion of this course you will prepare and present a short seminar on GIS elements of your anticipated thesis research.

  1. Doing GIS without GIS software

  2. Quick and dirty regression tutorial | MS-Excel Solver | Petroleum allocation problems

  3. Red-State/Blue-State | notes on FIPS codes

  4. The 1889 Johnstown Flood

  5. Mapping 2010 Census data

  6. Terrain Analysis of GPS Tracks

  7. the 1854 London cholera epidemic

  8. Gerrymandering

  9. Image Registration