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Downloading Form Data from WebCredit

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This page provides instructions for downloading form data from the Webcredit online payment processing system. To use Webcredit, you need to have proper access. To request access, contact the Cashier's Office at (302) 831-1241.

  • To login to Webcredit, go to
  • From the Main Menu, click the View button under View Transaction Logs:. If you have access to more than one department, select the department from the dropdown first.
  • Complete the query page with your desired criteria.
    • Form: Choose a particular formID, or choose all. Some departments have several forms for different purposes so you can narrow your results to one or more forms.
    • Date type: Transaction date is the date the form was submitted. The Posted date was the date it was posted to GL, typically the night before.
    • From/To Dates: Enter a date range of transactions to view. If you are reconciling with your monthly statement, you might choose to see all transactions by Posted date between 02/01/2009 and 02/29/2009. Dates must be entered in long format with leading zeros and 4-character years (xx/xx/xxxx).
    • Order by: This is how the results will be sorted. Typically, sort by date.

    You can also use the checkboxes on the left to filter your search further. For example, if someone calls and had trouble submitting the form, query by Transaction dates From today To today, and click the Errors checkbox to see what the error might be.

  • Submit your query.
  • When you see a list of transactions, you can click on any OrderID to see the transaction details. Or, at the bottom of the listing are links to Download or Download to Excel.
    • Download - generates a pipe-delimited (|) text file that you can import to any spreadsheet or database.
    • Download to Excel - will open Excel and save all the form's data in a spreadsheet. The first three columns of the spreadsheet contain the Account Holder's name, the Order ID, and the Transaction ID. The form data follows that. The last column shows the quantity and items purchased.