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Questions should be directed to the IT Support Center.

Effective July 2008, the University of Delaware will use Google search to provide search results for University Web sites.

UD Google searchUD Google search offers two collections of searchable data:

  1. "UD" searches current UD web pages, and
  2. "UD + Archives" searches current and older UD web pages, such as UDaily articles three years old or older.

UD staff and students can make recommendations to optimize the results returned by UD Google search.

  • "UD Match" search term recommendation form (login required)
    Use this form to recommend a UD Match. A UD Match is a specific result to be returned by UD Google search. For example: a search for "green" will return a UD Match link to; a search for "graduation" will return UD Matches that contain "graduation" and "commencement."

UD web maintainers have several options to implement Google search on their Web sites.

  • Add UD Google search to your Web site
    This page shows the required HTML code to include the new UD Google search functionality on your UD Web site. Existing Ultraseek search capability will continue to be available while site maintainers transition their search forms to UD Google search.
  • Servers or directories to include or exclude from UD Google search (login required)
    Use this form to request that your UD Web site and/or server be indexed or not indexed by UD Google Search. For example, you could request that a directory such as be excluded or that a server such as be included in the search index.
  • Collections and custom results pages (login required)
    Use this form to request a collection. A collection is a group of web directories and servers that contain related information. Once your collection has been established, you can offer a search on the web directories and servers that you specified. In addition, you can use this form to request that a logo and/or collection be used on a your search result pages. After your collection has been created, find out more about creating a collection-specific search.

Additional online resources are available for reference and further assistance.

Questions about UD's Google search may be directed to the Help Center at (302) 831-6000, or submit a Help Ticket Request form.