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IT Project and Services Survey - Directions for users

This survey is used to gauge client satisfaction with IT service on specific projects. Below are instructions for submitting the survey.

Instructions for submitting survey

  1. Locate the email sent to you by an IT Director. It should look something like this.

    [Subject of e-mail]: Survey on the recently completed [name of project] project

    Dear [name of recipient],

    [name of IT unit] recently completed the [name of project] project for your department. We'd like to know your thoughts about how the project was managed and the service you received from IT. Your feedback is important to us and helps us improve products and services. This brief survey will only take a few moments of your time. Please return the survey by [date].

    To respond to the survey, click the following link:
    [link URL - see next step to create link]

    Thank you for participating.

    [name, unit name]

  2. Click on the link below To respond to the survey, click the following link: to complete the survey.


  3. Once you have completed the survey, click Submit. You will then receive a confirmation email that your survey has been received.