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IT Project and Services Survey - Directions for IT Directors

This survey is used to gauge client satisfaction with IT service on specific projects. Below are instructions for sending the survey as well as accessing the form data.

Instructions for sending survey

  1. Compose a new email message to invite your client(s) to complete the survey. Include information about the project and how their feedback is important to IT. Also, suggest a deadline for completing the survey.

    Recommended draft of email to send to survey recipients:

    [Subject of e-mail]: Feedback on the recently completed [name of project] project

    Dear [name of recipient],

    [name of IT unit] recently completed the [name of project] project for your department. We'd like to know your thoughts about how the project was managed and the service you received from IT. Your feedback is important to us and helps us improve products and services. This brief survey will only take a few moments of your time. Please return the survey by [date].

    To respond to the survey, click the following link:
    [link URL - see next step to create link]

    Thank you for participating.

    [name, unit name]

  2. Generate a survey URL that identifies your IT department and the project, and include this URL in your email invitation. Use this format:


    where formId equals one of the department abbreviations below, and projId equals any code or abbreviation that identifies the project to you. For example:

    You must use the formId associated with your respective department below. The form will not submit if the formid does not equal one of these values:

    The projId can be any value that is meaningful to you and that your client would understand.

  3. When someone submits the survey, the IT department contact will receive an email message containing the survey responses. Responses are also written to a database in the Forms Data Processor (FDP) where they are available to view or download. See instructions below.

    All survey question responses will be shown on a scale from 0-5. 5 for Strongly Agree down to 0 for Not Applicable.

Instructions for accessing survey data

  1. The form data is available through the Forms Data Processor (FDP). IT Directors have access to FDP to view their survey responses. If anyone else in the department needs to view the survey results, please contact IT-Web Development.

  2. Log in at http://www.udel.edu/fdp/

  3. You should see the Browse Form Submissions screen. If not, click the "Menu" link located in the top right area. View Browse Formm Submissions image

  4. The Form: dropdown list contains all forms that you have permission to view. Choose the "IT Project and Service Survey" form for your department. (e.g., IT Project and Service Survey-NSS, IT Project and Service Survey-WD)

  5. Enter a date range, if desired, to restrict the results to forms submitted within particular dates, or leave the dates blank to view all.

  6. Click Submit form.

  7. The results appear in a table-like format. View FDP Results menu image The first column is a checkbox that allows you to delete that row. Use the up-down or left-right scroll bars surrounding the table to view all the data.
    Note: The only fields from your form that appear in this table are those that contain a value. It may appear to you that the FDP is skipping some fields, but in reality, it means that every submitter so far has left that field blank.

  8. The data may be downloaded as a delimited file or imported directly into Excel using the options in the Action field.
    The displayed records may also be purged by choosing the Delete action. Select the appropriate action and click Submit.
    Downloading data does not remove it from the Forms Data Processor engine, however Delete removes the data permanently.