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Note: When placing customized URLs in HTML code, make sure the HREF statement does not wrap to a new line. If it does, this may introduce spaces. Introducing spaces may result in an error or undesired search results when a user clicks on the link.

  • Link: Fall 2008 Drawing I

    HTML: <a href="http://primus.nss.udel.edu/CourseDesc/search-results?term=08F&course_sec=art110010">Fall 2008 Drawing I </a>


    • 2008 Fall term (term=08F)
    • Drawing I (course_sec=art111010)
    • using a default banner image (since image was not specified)
  • Link: All Winter 2009 English Courses

    HTML: <a href="http://primus.nss.udel.edu/CourseDesc/search-results?term=09W&course_sec=ENGL& image=http://www.english.udel.edu/site%20images/lightbluemasthead.jpg"> All Winter 2009 English Courses </a>


    • 2009 Winter term (term=09W)
    • All English courses (course_sec=ENGL)
    • using a custom banner image (image=http://www.english.udel.edu/site%20images/lightbluemasthead.jpg)

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All questions regarding course data should be directed to the Office of the University Registrar.

All questions regarding construction or use of customized course URLs may be directed to MIS via the Feedback form.