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Course Listings Help: Creating a detailed course listing

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

In order to create a custom list of your courses, you must build a URL. The general syntax for a detailed course listing is as follows:


  • term is the required parameter for term.
  • course_sec is the required parameter for course number.
  • param3 represent one of the other parameters described below.
  • value1, value2, and value3 represent the values associated with the corresponding parameter.

You must use the term and course_sec parameters, but there is no limit on the number of additional parameters. Use the format &param=value to add as many parameters as you need.

Course parameters & values

  • Term - Required

    The three-character academic term code for upcoming terms (example values: 07F, 08W, 08S).

    Parameter: term

    Example: term=07F

  • Course Number - Required

    A university course number containing subject ID, course number, and section number (example value: ACCT207010).

    Parameter: course_sec

    Examples: course_sec=ACCT207010

Page style parameters & values

Colleges, departments and programs may wish to customize the search return so that it maintains college, department or program web site image and/or color scheme.

  • Banner Image

    A fully-qualified URL (http://www.server.domain.edu/path/file.gif) pointing to the graphic to use as the banner image across the top of the page. The default image is UD Courses Search banner: http://primus.nss.udel.edu/CoursesSearch/images/coursesearch6.jpg.

    Parameter: image

    Example: image=http://ag.udel.edu/images/collegelogo700.gif


Detailed Course Listing Examples

More information

All questions regarding course data should be directed to the Office of the University Registrar.

All questions regarding construction or use of customized course URLs may be directed to MIS via the Feedback form.