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Editing HTML & email text

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Questions should be directed to Web Development,

  • The "New Text" box presents the current code for the text you are editing. This box may contain HTML and XML tags.

  • Make the required revisions to your text, and then click the "Next step" button to preview your changes.

  • If you need more assistance in editing your text, contact the MIS Web Resources Group.


  • The "New Text" box will contain <udtext></udtext> tags if the text you are using is going to be presented in an email.

  • Only the information inside the <udtext> tags will be presented in the e-mail. Do not remove these tags.

  • HTML tags, and text you do not want presented in the e-mail, should be placed outside the <udtext> tags.

  • For line breaks, include the <br> tags within the <udtext> tags.

For example:

<b><i>This text will display...</i></b><br>
<udtext>This text will display<br>
in the e-mail</udtext><br>
<b><i>...only in the HTML.</i></b>


This text will display
in the e-mail


This text will display...
This text will display
in the e-mail
...only in the HTML.