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UD Calendar: Submit multiple events

Questions on the UD Calendar may be directed to the Help Center at (302) 831-6000 or consult@udel.edu. Also, see www.udel.edu/help.

Follow these directions to submit several of your UD events for the UD Calendar. At the beginning of the academic year, use these directions to submit a year's worth of your events.

To submit just one event, use this Submit event form. Here are steps to take to provide multiple events:

  1. Prepare your file of events following one of these sets of directions:

    1. Exporting an .ics file in Mozilla Sunbird
    2. Exporting an .ics file in Microsoft Windows Calendar (Vista)
    3. Exporting an .ics file in Microsoft Outlook 2007
    4. Exporting an .ics file in Apple iCal
    5. Creating a CSV file
  2. Send e-mail to ocm-addevents@udel.edu to notify them that you will be sending a file. Wait for OCM's reply before you send your file.