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Bugzilla: Save a preset query

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Preset queries are a helpful tool for managing your bugs. You are basically saving a set of search parameters, so with one click you can view a list of the bugs you need. You create a preset query using the Search for Bugs page, and links to your preset queries are present in the yellow box at the bottom of each Bugzilla page.

Everyone starts with one preset query called My Bugs. If you click on My Bugs, and then click the link for Edit this Query, you can see how the query was created. The My Bugs query presents all bugs with a status of new, assigned, or reopened, where your email is listed as the bug owner or reporter.

To save a preset query:

  1. From the Welcome to Bugzilla page, click on the first link for Query existing bug reports. View Welcome to Bugzilla image

    -- OR --

    From any of the Bugzilla pages, click on the link for Actions: Query in the yellow box at the bottom of the screen.

  2. Enter your query specifications on the Search for Bugs form. View Search image
    Refer to the Search for bugs / Create a query page for help.

  3. Just above the Search button, click the radio button for Remember this query, and name it.

  4. Enter a name for your query in the open field.

  5. Click the checkbox for and put it in my page footer.

  6. Click the Search button.

Next step:

After you click Search, a Query Saved page will be presented. View Query Saved image To view your query, click on the query name next to Preset Queries: in the yellow box at the bottom of the page.