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Bugzilla: Reassign a bug report

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Each bug report includes a field for Assigned To. This is the person who needs to act on the bug. When a new bug is created, the default is for it to be assigned to an IT-WD programmer. A bug will be assigned to you for testing, approval, comments, or if some other action is needed. If you have completed your action on a bug, or if a bug was assigned to you in error, then you will need to reassign the bug.

Tip: If you add comments to a bug, but do not reassign it to an IT-WD programmer, then he may not recognize that he needs to act on the bug. This could cause a significant delay for your project. IT-WD programmers and web developers are managing multiple bugs, so their attention is focused on the bugs assigned to them.

  1. On the bug report that you are editing, find the radio buttons just above the Commit button. View Reassign bug to image

  2. Click the radio button for Reassign bug to.

  3. In the open field, enter the email address of the person you want to assign the bug. Only email addresses of people who have Bugzilla accounts are accepted.

  4. Click the Commit button.

Next step:

After you click Commit, the Bug Processed page will be presented. View Bug processed image To edit your report, click the bug number in the box at the top of the page. To change pages, click on a link in the yellow box at the bottom of the screen.