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Bugzilla: Change your email preferences

Questions should be directed to Web Development, it-webdev@udel.edu

  1. From the Welcome to Bugzilla page, click on the fourth link for Change password or user preferences. View Welcome to Bugzilla image

    -- OR --

    From any of the Bugzilla pages, click on the link for Edit: prefs in the yellow box at the bottom of the screen.

  2. From the User Preferences page, click on the second tab for Email Settings. View Account Settings image

  3. Edit your email preferences. The default is to receive an email notification every time that a bug that you have acted on is changed. View Email Settings image

    • Users to watch: If you enter someone's email address here, then you will get an email notification every time that they act on a bug. You can enter multiple email addresses separated by commas. Only email addresses of people who have Bugzilla accounts are accepted.

    • Global options: If you check the box for Only email me reports of changes made by other people, then you will not get an email notification when you act on a bug.

    • Field/recipient specific options: This table allows you to created detailed specifications for when you want to receive email notifications. Be careful when choosing your settings so you don't end up missing important changes to your bug reports.

  4. Click the Submit Changes button.

  5. You should get a red message at the top of the page that says "The changes to your email settings have been saved."

Next step:

To leave the User Preferences pages, click on a link in the yellow box at the bottom of the screen.