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AskEric Virtual Library
Lesson plans seem to contain the state standards of the state that the submitting teacher is from. Yes. Allows lesson plan searches by both levels and keyword, plus a general search tool for the ERIC database. Site very easy to use - lots of point and click.

Over 3000 resources including Internet sites, educational organizations, lesson plans.

Blue Web'n

Blue Web'n is an online library of 1200+ outstanding Internet sites categorized by subject, gradelevel, and format (lessons, activities, projects, resources, references, & tools).

No You can search by grade level (Refined Search), broad subject area (Content Areas), or specific sub-categories (Subject Area). Very easy Each week 5 new sites are added. You can get a list and description of these additions sent to you by signing up below for free weekly updates!

Classroom Connect

Most of the resources want you to become a subscriber. Free two week trial subscription is available - then after that, it is fee based.


Discovery Channel School

A library of teacher created lessons and resources geared to the various grade levels, standards. Excellent lessons with connecting web sites and other resources.
Easy to integrate into social studies curriculum. Well written lessons.

Yes, Standards are listed for each lesson plan, however some use national standards, while others use Mcrel standards or the author's individual state standards Connected to several Web Sites that are excellent resources Very user friendly; There are resources for teachers, students and parents. Great site with a multitude of lessons in all content areas. Lots of good links, but some are outdated. The quality of the lesson plans varies, but generally worth the time to search them out. Nice clip art collection.
Education World
Some, but inconsistent; depends on links
  • Keyword search only and results vary; requires user filtering.
  • Have directories - can't search on grade level
Good Achieved articles are easy to browse. Educators' reviews of software are comprehensive and up to date. Search engine dedicated to educational sites. Good descriptions of sites and listings by grade levels being targeted.


EvaluTech is a searchable database that contains more than 7000 reviews of instructional materials recommended for classroom use in kindergarten through grade 12. Products evaluated include computer software, audio/visual materials, CD-ROM-based reference databases, websites, and print materials. Evaluation criteria include some correlation to state student academic standards. There is no fee for searching or for printing reviews.

Evaluation criteria include some correlation to state student academic standards.
  • Site does not contain lesson plans
  • Resources are searchable. Criteria includes keyword, subject, grade level groupings, title, author, series, publisher, copyright date, and issue date

Easy to use and search
  • Quality and quantity of contents was somewhat limited
  • Interesting: A search on Civil War, free websites, yielded nothing yet the reviewer knew there were sites that would have been applicable including primary source documents.

FREE (Federal Resources for Educational Excellence)

More than 30 Federal agencies formed a working group in 1997 to make hundreds of federally supported teaching and learning resources easier to find. The result of that work is the FREE web site.

Did not appear to be
  • Site is searchable for lesson plans based on content area
  • Quality of lesson plans is dependent on contributing site; it is doubtful it is juried.
  • Frustrating
  • Requires a great deal of visual sorting and discrimination in selection of plans
  • This is a repository for government resources. There is no consistency in what is posted
  • Section of resources for students

Gateway to Educational Materials

The Gateway to Educational Materials (GEM) is a Consortium effort to provide educators with quick and easy access to thousands of educational resources found on various federal, state, university, non-profit, and commercial Internet sites. GEM is sponsored by the U.S. Department of Education.

No Site allows searching by subject and allows you to narrow this. Provides fields for Boolean searching. Can search for resources that apply to K to higher and adult ed. Search engine does not allow you to narrow your search by choosing lesson plans, units, or general resources. Moderately easy This vast compilation can produce some good resources, but you have to filter through all the search results for the format you're looking for.
Kathy Schrock's Guide for Educators

Marco Polo

Yes, national standards Yes; in multiple ways. Yes All lesson plans are created and evaluated by nationally recognized organizations. Content includes lesson plans and curriculum materials.

Microsoft for Teachers

This site might be useful if you want to integrate Microsoft products into your curriculum, but not good for much else. Type face was very small, difficult to read.

Network of Regional Technology in Education Consortia

Pat Sine's Award Winning Page

Southwest Educational Development Laboratory


Teacher resources a part of which are lesson plans; also has teacher tools, sharing portals, games, tips, calendar sheets

  • Not mentioned
  • Lesson are heavy on verbiage; objectives are not stated
  • Cross curricular ideas are presented
By curriculum area and category Lesson plans

  • Cute teacher resources
  • Site hacked in 2/02. The conference boards and our Resources and Links section will be down until further notice. (as of 5/9/02)


No. Standards are not noted in lesson plan database or in specific plans. Keyword search, content area search, cannot search by grade level. Average to Poor. Many of the featured sites have incomplete descriptions Rubric maker that generates custom rubrics. Start from pre-made rubrics and customize to your needs.
Teach-nology Lesson Plans
Technology in Education: 180 Ideas and Resources for Teachers
No. Quests are not necessarily based on standards Good Good
  • Entries are Thinkquest winners and are top quality.
  • Site content varies
  • Content can be for both teacher and student use

WebQuest Page

Varies Grade level
  • Quality varied
  • Although these are linked from Bernie Dodge's homepage for Webquests, the content of the quests has not been qualified
  • Sites and links have "aged":

Thanks to Joyce Nerlinger for creating the initial this list that the members worked from.