What to bring to campus

Housing Assignment Services provides comprehensive listings of what students should bring to their residence hall rooms.

Specific things UD recommends for computers in the residence halls:

  • 10/100Base-T Ethernet adapter & 25' CAT-5 network cable (recommended)
  • Surge Supressor (required)
  • USB Printer (recommended)
  • USB Cable for Printer (Required for printers. Even though UD provides wireless access in all residence halls, UD does not support wireless printers on our residence hall network.)
  • Extra USB A to B Cable (recommended)
  • Device(s) for backing up files: USB Flash Memory Drive or External Hard Drive (recommended)
  • All computer disks (CDs or DVDs) and documentation/manuals that came with your computer, other devices, and software.

Specific things UD recommends for televisions in the residence halls:

  • Cable-ready TV (See notes below.)
  • Coaxial Cable to connect your TV (25' suggested)
  • DVR (Optional. See notes below.)
  • Notes about television service:
    • To receive the majority of channels, you will need an NTSC analog tuner. You may use any TiVo or other DVR unit that includes an NTSC analog tuner.
    • To receive HD channels, TVs need a "clear QAM" or cable digital tuner. Or, you can use a TiVo HD or other HD DVR unit that includes a "clear QAM" digital tuner.
    • A TV with only an ATSC tuner will not receive any channels.

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