Clearing your Internet cache and history

You may have to clear your cache and history when you

Shortcuts to clear your Web browser's cache, when available, are listed below. You can also click the name of your computer's Web browser to go to the vendor documentation for clearing the cache and history:

Browser Shortcut Further Documentation & Notes
Internet Explorer 11, 10,
and 9

Internet Explorer 11 and earlier versions
When following the directions for IE9, uncheck the Preserve Favorites website data check box to clear your cache.

You can also use the InPrivate Browsing feature within this version of IE.

Internet Explorer 7 or 8 CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE Internet Explorer 7 and 8 Documentation (Microsoft)
When following the directions for IE8, uncheck the Preserve Favorites website data check box to clear your cache.
Firefox 3 or later Windows or Mac:
Firefox (Mozilla)
Chrome 9 or later Windows:
See note.
Chrome (Google)
Mac shortcut documented as SHIFT-COMMAND-DELETE. If that doesn't work on your Mac, from the Chrome drop-down menu, select Clear Browsing Data.
Safari Mac:
From the Safari drop-down menu, click Reset Safari. In the dialog box that appears, make sure that the only checkbox that has a check mark is Remove all website data. Click the Reset button.
Safari 5 for Mac (Apple)
Safari 4 for Windows (Apple)

If you would like the cache and history cleared at the end of each session, consult your Web browser's documentation for a feature called InPrivate Browsing (Internet Explorer), automatically clearing the cache (Firefox), incognito window (Chrome), or Private Browsing (Safari).