University of Delaware Virtualization Service

The use of virtual servers moves the University towards the following goals:

To request a virtual server, submit a UD Virtual Machine Request Form. (Instructions below.)

Why virtualization?

Using the central IT virtualization service provides departments with more flexibility than buying a physical server. There are no up-front costs, and departments are not locked into one configuration; the virtual server configuration, and associated costs, can be changed as a department's needs increase or decrease.

In addition, through IT-hosted server virtualization, University departments can realize greater efficiency by migrating stand-alone servers spread throughout campus to virtualized servers in the Chapel Street Computing Center. Server virtualization is a green technology because of the advantages of running many virtual servers on one physical system.

Pricing information

Virtual servers can be configured with 2-8 CPUs, 1-16 GB memory, up to 3TB of disk space, and the choice of one of several operating systems. Monthly pricing for each of these options is listed below.
  • Sample Systems:
    • LAMP server: 1 processor, 2GB memory, 30GB disk: $18.90/month, $226.80/year
    • Windows 2008R2 server: 2 processors, 4GB memory, 80GB disk: $38.40/month, $460.80/year
    • Database server: 4 processors, 16Gb memory, 60GB disk, 2TB external disk: $181.80/month, $2,181.60/year
    Note: You must also purchase software and operating system licenses for hosted machines as applicable.

    Requesting a virtual machine

    To request a virtual server, submit a UD Virtual Machine Request Form. You'll need to provide
    • Budget information:
      • Purpose code
      • Purpose code administrator
      • Purpose code administrator email address.
    • The desired domain name for the virtual machine.
    • Specifications for the virtual machine.

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    For more information, contact the IT Support Center.