Adobe Acrobat Reader and Distiller

Adobe Acrobat Reader (acroread) is a program for viewing a PDF (Portable Document Format) document, and Adobe Acrobat Distiller (distill) is a program for converting a PostScript document to a PDF document.

Where to find Adobe Acrobat

  • Where can I use Adobe Acrobat on campus?

    Adobe Acrobat is available on Strauss.

    For availability of Adobe Acrobat at computing sites please see the Computing Sites Web page.

  • How can I obtain Adobe Acrobat for my personal computer?

    You can obtain Adobe Acrobat for University-owned computers only from the UDeploy Software Site.

Adobe Acrobat instructions

  • Running acroread on Strauss

    At the UNIX prompt (%), type


    You will see an acroread window like the following:


    To end the acroread X window session, from the File menu, select Exit.

  • Running distill on Strauss

    At the UNIX prompt (%), type:


    This will create a file called filename.pdf.

    If you were converting a file named, the distill window would look like the following:


    The distill command would create a file named main2e.pdf.


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