Printing fees and policies at IT computing sites

To print at an on-campus computing site, you will need your valid UD ID card. The print release station works together with your ID card and your UD Flex account.

Printing fees for students

Free printing

  • You will receive $5.00 worth of free printing in your Flex account every 6-month period (January 1-June 30 and July 1-December 31). These funds can only be used for printing; any unused funds do not rollover to the next 6-month period. You can check your print account balance through UDSIS.

  • After the $5.00 is used, printing costs will be charged to your Flex account.

Fee-based printing

  • Five cents ($0.05) per image or page printed simplex (one side of one piece of paper).

  • Four cents ($0.04) per image or page printed duplex (both sides of one piece of paper).

  • At all IT-managed computing sites, the default setting for a printer is to print duplex (double-sided). If you want to print on only one side of a piece of paper, you must select simplex.

Where do I print my work?

How do I reformat my documents to save paper?

Microsoft Word:

  • Before you print, check the Print Preview feature to make sure your document is properly formatted.

  • Print ONLY the pages you need instead of the entire document.

  • Print duplex (double-sided), not simplex (single-sided).

  • Adjust margin width to maximize amount of usable space.

Microsoft Excel:

  • Use the Fit to Page feature, which automatically re-scales output to print evenly on one or several pages.

    • File > Page setup > Scaling-fit to

  • Use the Print Preview feature to make sure your document is properly formatted.

  • Change from portrait to landscape mode to accommodate a spreadsheet's wider columns.

Microsoft PowerPoint:

  • Print Handouts--not slides--if you want to print lecture notes. Doing so will save paper and save you money!

  • Print duplex (double-sided).

  • If you need more detail for a given slide, such as an important graphic, you can print that particular page individually.

How do I claim my print job at a site?

  • After you select the Print option in your application, go to the print release station.

  • Highlight your print job on the screen--check that the print job is yours, so you don't accidentally print someone else's document.

  • Click Start Printing.

  • Swipe your UD ID through the card reader.

  • Delete any duplicate print jobs.

  • If you have problems printing, contact a site assistant with any questions.

What happens if I run out of Flex?

  • If you do not have money in your Flex account, you will not be able to print after your $5.00 printing allocation is used.