Printing Fee Plan Overview for Students

The printing fee plan allows a UD student to print a certain number of sheets of paper for free before incurring printing charges:

  1. Free Printing: $5 in free printing per student (roughly 100 sheets of one-sided printing).
    • Roughly every semester (January 1-June 30 and July 1-December 31) you have $5 worth of free Flex to use for printing.
    • After your free allocation is used, printing fees will be charged to your UD Flex account (see fee-based printing below).
    • The printing allocation does not carry over.
  2. Fee-based printing: Rates for black and white printing:
    • Five cents ($0.05) per single-sided piece of paper.
    • Four cents ($0.04) per side of a double-sided piece of paper.

Printing Locations

Unless otherwise indicated, these locations charge for printing.

  • Alison West, room 205
  • Amy DuPont Music Building, room 109
  • Christiana Commons Lobby
  • Colburn Lab, rooms 046, 105
  • Delaware Field House, room 202
  • Education Resource Center, Willard Hall Education Bldg., room 012
  • McDowell Hall, rooms 111, 113
  • Memorial Hall, rooms 028, 033
  • Morris Library
  • Pearson Hall, room 305
  • Perkins Student Center Lobby
  • Purnell Hall, room 024
  • Recitation Hall, room 203
  • Smith hall, rooms 002, 004, 040
  • Spencer lab, rooms 010, 131
  • Townsend Hall, rooms 004, 006, 007, Commons Area
  • Trabant University Center Lounge

Your UD ONEcard, Print Release Station, and Flex Account

You will need your valid UD ONEcard to print in the locations listed above. The print release station works together with your UD ONEcard and your Flex account.

  • The first 100 sheets of paper (single-sided) you print will be charged to the PrintLess "free printing allocation" that is associated with your Flex account.
  • After you exhaust your free printing allocation, the printing fees will be charged to your Flex account.

Important Note

If you do not have funds in your Flex account, you will not be able to print after your free printing allocation is depleted.

You may add money to your Flex account in a number of ways and at different locations on campus.

How to Print your Job

To print your job, follow these steps:

  1. After you select the one-sided or two-sided printer through the Print option in your applciation, go to the print release station in one of the locations above.
  2. Use your UD ONEcard to log into the release station.
  3. Click the Print option next to the job(s) you want to print.
  4. Pick up your job from the printer.

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