UD IT: Class and Major Lists (P.O. Box)

Mailing Lists at UD: Class and major lists (P.O. Box)

The P.O. Box system is a closed system for faculty and staff used to send messages to pre-defined lists of students and employees. It is useful if you want to send messages to
  • all students in a UD class (e.g., CISC181-010)
  • all students in a given major or minor
  • all students in a particular graduation year in a major or minor
  • pre-defined groups of faculty and employees.

You can only use P.O. Box to send messages to other University of Delaware email addresses (e.g., xxx@udel.edu, yyy@dept.udel.edu, etc.). Because it is a closed system, members of a P.O. Box list are not subject to spam messages. Attachments are stored on the P.O. box server.

Use the links on the right for P.O. Box help topics.

Further information

  • Membership for class and majors lists is automatically updated daily from UDSIS data.
  • Majors lists are available by student classification year and supersets exist for undergraduate students, graduate students, and all students (both undergraduate and graduate students within a major).
  • Faculty and staff can use this form to request special access to a P.O. Box list.

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