Google Groups: Converting an existing mailing list to Google Groups

If you currently have a Mailmain or manually maintained mail list (MMML), submit a Google Group request form to request that your existing list be converted to a UD Google Group. Under Group action make sure you choose convert an existing mailing list to a Google Group.


Contact the IT Support Center if your new list will have a large member list.

Importing a member list into a Google Group

  1. After your new Google Group has been created, log in to your Google Apps at UD account (
  2. Select Groups from the square Google Apps grid next to your name at the top right of the window.
  3. Select your Google Group.
  4. Select Add Members Directly.
  5. Write a message in the Write a welcome message textbox.
  6. Click Add.

For more information about setting up the Google Group, go to the UD Owner settings Web page or to's Groups Help Web site.

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