UD Central Exchange: SharePoint Calendars

SharePoint calendars are used as common calendars for two or more individuals within a department or unit (e.g., an Office Leave Calendar or Department Events Calendar). These calendars are not scheduled as a resource mailbox is, and they can be made public. Just like other shared calendars, these calendars can be used within Outlook.

Requesting a SharePoint calendar

You must request a SharePoint calendar by sending email to consult@udel.edu. When you make your request, you will need to provide:

Connecting a SharePoint calendar to Outlook

  1. To connect a SharePoint calendar to Outlook, first open Outlook.
  2. Open a Web browser and navigate to the calendar in SharePoint. 
  3. In the navigation ribbon at the top of the page, click the Calendar Tools tab.
  4. Click Calendar
  5. Click Connect to Outlook in the Connect & Export group. Two confirmation boxes will be displayed.
  6. Click Allow twice to continue.

     shared calendar window

  7. Outlook will then show you a dialog box that should look similar to the following:

    sharepoint calendar window

  8. The Advanced dialog box will allow you to change the name of the calendar as it appears in Outlook and to specify non-standard sync settings, but there is usually no reason to change advanced options.
  9. Click Yes to continue. A SharePoint log in window will appear. 
  10. Log in to SharePoint and then close the login window. 
  11. SharePoint will stay connected to Outlook as long as Outlook is open; if you restart Outlook, you may need to log in to SharePoint again.
  12. After the calendar is connected to Outlook, users can use it from within Outlook as they would any other calendar.