UD Central Exchange: IT Professionals Information--Managing Shared Resources

Shared resources are as follows:

Requesting a shared resource
 IT Professionals should request a shared resource by using the appropriate method:

Controlling Access:
When a shared resource (such as an equipment mailbox) is created, a pair of security groups are created in the OU to which the mailbox or public folder belongs. Security for Public Folders is controlled by Security Groups.  

Typically, one to three groups will be created.  

In the case of an equipment mailbox, perhaps one group can 

In the case of a public folder, there maybe three levels of access:

Most units, colleges or departments have an Active Directory OU in which these security groups will be placed. Your department IT Professional will then manage group membership. If you do not have a dedicated IT Professional, the control to shared resources can be changed by contacting the IT Support Center.