UD Central Exchange: Alternatives to Public Folders

Exchange public folders are a popular feature used by many departments and units across campus. However, public folders are not always the best fit for your needs.

This document provides guidance to IT professionals to help them decide which resource option is best for them and how to export data from existing public folders to these new resource locations, if desired.

Resources types

Currently, the following types of public folders are used in Exchange:

In some cases, IT Professionals may decide that groups of the above could be best served by using a single shared mailbox. For example, if a department has a shared email archive for tracking correspondence with a list of contacts, an Exchange Shared Mailbox (whick will include a contacts list) may be the best option. Contact the IT Support Center for help deciding which option is best for you.

Configuring a SharePoint resource

Access to SharePoint calendars and lists is granted via membership in security groups in the win.udel.edu Active Directory domain. If you are an OU Admin, you should request that groups for your SharePoint calendars and/or lists be moved to the OU that you administer. You can then add and remove users from groups as you wish.

If you do not yet administer an OU in the win.udel.edu Active Directory domain and would like to know more, visit the UD Active Directory documentation.