Using UD Dropbox

Traditionally, it has been difficult--if not impossible--to send large files to others through e-mail. The UD Dropbox offers an alternate solution through which you can exchange files with others, whether they have a UDelNet ID or not. 

The drop box is located at, and the initial window looks like the one below:

Initial dropbox window

You can use the dropbox in one of two ways:

Once you are at the dropbox window, if you have a University of Delaware ID, log in to access your options. If you are an outside person using the dropbox, you may either drop off a file for a University member or pick up one that has been left for you.

Users are expected to encrypt any files containing sensitive information such as personally identifiable information (PII) before sending them via the Dropbox.

Use the dropbox with a UDelNet ID

  1. To access restricted dropbox features, click Login in the initial window. You will see the login window:

    Login window for UD dropbox users
  2. Type your UDelNet ID and password and click Login. You will see a window like the one below with your options for using the dropbox:

    UD dropbox options

Use the dropbox without a UDelNet ID

Note: If you do not have a UDelNet ID, you can only drop off a file for someone with a UDelNet ID. UDelNet ID holders who wish to drop off a file for someone outside the University must log in to the dropbox to do so. 

To drop off (upload) a file for a University of Delaware user, click Drop-off in the initial window. You will see a window like the one below. Complete the required boxes. If you wish to drop off  the file for more than one person, click  plus button and fill in the boxes with that person's information. If you wish to drop off  more than one file,  fill in the boxes that appear after you have specified the first file. Click Drop-off the File(s):

dropoff box

If you are dropping off large files or are using a slow network connection (e.g., dial-up), dropping off the files will take a long time. After the file has successfully been uploaded to the Dropbox, you will receive a message that the file was successfully uploaded and notification of the Drop-off was sent to the recipient. The message also contains a record of the claim id and passcode that have been sent to enable the recipient to pick up the file.

To pick up (download) a file left for you by a UD user, click Pick-up in the initial window. Type the Claim ID and Passcode contained in the message you received to notify you that you had a file waiting then click Pick-up the File(s) to download the file:

pick up a file