Prioritizing wireless connections

Prioritizing wireless connections

The University offers one Wi-Fi network across all of its campuses: eduroam. In order to ensure the best connection, configure your device to connect to the available networks in the following order of priority.

  1. Eduroam— Students, faculty, and staff from UD are encouraged to use eduroam as their primary Wi-Fi network on campus. The network's level of encryption allows for protected access to confidential, critical information.
  2. Any other Wi-Fi network you might use on or off campus. Eduroam is the only campus-wide Wi-Fi network. UD, UDel, and UDel Secure have all been retired.

Configuring your devices

Not all devices are capable of prioritizing Wi-Fi connections. Below are the instructions for prioritizing your network connections based on network security.

Android and iOS devices

Although you cannot prioritize Wi-Fi connections on Android and iOS devices, you can Forget this Network. IT recommends that you forget the UDel wireless network and any other unsecured networks. You must be "in range" of the network(s) that you want to forget. Only connect to these networks if you are accessing information that is not confidential or ciritical and the other networks are unavailable.

Windows computers

  • Windows 7 allows you to prioritize your wireless connections: Microsoft Windows 7 directions .
  • Windows 8 and Windows 10 require you to Forget this Network in order to remove a network. You must be "in range" of the network(s) that you want to forget.
    1. Click the icon for Wi-Fi in the Windows taskbar.
    2. Click Network Settings.
    3. Click Manage known networks.
    4. Click the name of the network to forget. Then click Forget.

Macintosh computers

All Macintosh computers will allow you to prioritize Wi-Fi connections by following these steps.

  1. Go to Network under System Preferences.

    Network Settings

  2. In the Network window, click Advanced.

    Choose Advanced

  3. In the Preferred Networks: dialog box on the Wi-Fi tab, drag the network names into the order from most secure to least secure as seen below.

    Drag into order

  4. Click OK.

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