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Fetch is a secure file transfer (SFTP) client for Macintosh systems. It is licensed for use by University students, faculty and staff and is available for download from the UDeploy Software Distribution website. If you read the help files included with Fetch 5 you can teach yourself to use Fetch for a variety of file management tasks. This document gives you a quick introduction to transferring files with Fetch 5.

Installing Fetch 5

  1. Download Fetch 5 from the UDeploy Software Distribution website and install it as you would any other Mac application.
    • On the Fetch software page, click Fetch FTP 5.7.x with code to download the software and to receive the UD-specific license code. You will need to provide your UDelNet ID and password.

  2. The first time you run Fetch, you will need the registration information from the UDeploy Web page.

    1. Double-click the Fetch icon in your Applications folder to run the application.
    2. From the Fetch menu in the menu bar, click Enter Serial Number.

    3. Copy and paste the serial number name and serial number found on the UDeploy license code page and click OK.

  3. You are now ready to use Fetch.

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Starting Fetch 5

  1. Locate the Fetch 5 application in the Applications folder on your hard drive and double-click the Fetch icon.

  2. On the log in screen that appears, enter the following information.
    • Hostname:
    • User name: UDelNet ID (Do not include "" after your ID)
    • Connect using:
    • Password: Your UDelNet password
    • Port number:
    log in screen

  3. Click Connect. You will arrive in your home directory.

  4. You may also use Fetch to connect to other file servers—including ones that support "Anonymous FTP." Provide the name of the remote host computer, your Username, and Password. If you are connecting to an anonymous FTP server, use "anonymous" as your username and a valid email address as your password. Then click Connect.

    connect to anonymous FTP server

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Transferring files

When you transfer files, you put (upload) the files to the remote host or you get (download) the files from the remote host.

Putting files: Uploading files from your Mac to the remote host

To upload a file or folder, simply drag it from your desktop into the Fetch window.

  1. Click Put.

  2. Highlight the file(s) or folder(s) you wish to upload, then click Put.

Getting files: Downloading files from a remote host to your Mac

Downloading files and folders is a similar operation. Simply drag the file from the Fetch window onto your desktop.


  1. Highlight the file(s) or folder(s) you wish to download, then click Get.

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Consulting Fetch's help files

For more information about Fetch, consult the help files that come with Fetch 5.

  1. Click Help in the menu bar and either enter a query or select Fetch Help for Fetch's help index.

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