Requesting UDelNet access for a guest

Follow the steps below to request short-term (up to 60 days) UDelNet access for visitors to campus.

  1. If you need to request network access for more than 10 people (e.g., if you are hosting a large workshop or conference), contact the IT Support Center for assistance. If you are requesting guest access for 1-10 people, proceed with the self-service directions below.
  2. Log in to the UDel network guest registration system with your UDelNet ID and password.
  3. On the next screen, provide a description, the number of guests, a start date and the number of days your guests will need access to UDelNet as shown below.
    Click Guest Login
  4. The next screen displays your active guest requests. Click the description to see the guest login credentials you'll need to share with your department's guests while they are on campus. In the example below, you would click Documentation Workshop.
    Click Guest Login
  5. The next screen displays the guest usernames and passwords. Record this information so that you can give it to your guests when they arrive on campus. Then click Logout.
    Click Guest Login

Instructions for registering your guests

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