Faculty/Staff Checklist for Returning to Campus

All Faculty/Staff

Perform any of the following steps that apply to you.

  1. Voice Mail

  2. Practice good computer security.
  3. Install UD-licensed software as needed from the UDeploy software distribution site.
    • UDeploy has useful software, including McAfee Anti-Virus software, which the University provides for all University-owned computers and all computers owned by employees and students. Your computer should have this software installed as evidenced by the McAfee icon virusscan logo in your Windows machine's system tray (the bottom-right corner of your screen, next to the time) or your Macintosh's menu bar. If you do not see this icon, check with your IT Professional or contact the IT Support Center.
    • McAfee is configured to update virus definitions at computer startup. Read more about McAfee and keeping it up-to-date.
    • Download any other UD-licensed software—browsers and utilities—as needed.

  4. Reactivate reception of UD email:
  5. Check out new and revised information:
  6. Computer problems or questions?
  7. Your home computer

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