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studentsstudentsCan anyone at UD log in to Canvas?

Yes, anyone can log in using their UDelNet ID and password. However, only those teaching or taking a class in Canvas will have access to course sites. Instructors must submit a request form to have a Canvas course site created.

studentsstudentsHow can I receive messages such as Conversations and Announcements from Canvas@UD?

Users can specify where they will see notices by customizing their Notifications.

instructors How can I set up my course in Canvas@UD?

Instructors can create/request a UD Canvas course site by using the Canvas course creation tool.

instructors How do my students get access to my Canvas@UD course?

When you request a Canvas@UD course, you will be asked which course sections should have access to it. You can see which sections will be included by selecting Settings on the left > Sections tab.

Your course must be published for students to have access. You can prevent students from viewing a published course by editing the dates using Settings > Course Details tab, changing the starting date and checking Only instructors can participate in the course between these dates.

students How do I know if my instructor is using Canvas@UD for my course?

You can check the list of courses currently using a centrally-supported Learning Management System which includes Sakai@UD and Canvas@UD. If you don't see your section listed there, check with your instructor. You won't have access to a course until the instructor publishes it.

You can see all your courses using Courses & Groups at the top of the Canvas screen.

students When will I have access to my Canvas@UD courses?

Approximately two weeks before the start of classes, students will be added based on the sections in Settings. During the semester, student rosters are updated daily to allow for students dropping and adding course sections.

Students may not necessarily receive invitations to a published Canvas course. You can go to, log on using your UDelNet ID and password and select Accept if you see the notice to join a published course.

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