Frequently Asked Questions about Canvas@UD

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studentsstudentsHow do the Canvas tools compare with those in Sakai?

Canvas allows both instructors and students to integrate common social media programs such as Facebook and Twitter into their coursework. Multimedia items such as videos and audio recordings can be easily incorporated into content and student assignment submissions. Check the list of tools offered by each learning management system.

instructors How can I add other instructors to my Canvas course?

All instructors listed in and students registered for the UDSIS course sections requested by the instructor will have access to a Canvas course. The list is updated daily. Instructors can give access to others manually.

instructors How do I add students to my Canvas course?

When you request a Canvas@UD course, you will be asked which course sections should have access to it. You can see which sections will be included by selecting Settings on the left > Sections tab.

Your course must be published for students to have access. You can prevent students from viewing a published course by editing the dates using Settings > Course Details tab, changing the starting date and checking Only instructors can participate in the course between these dates.

students When do students have access to Canvas courses?

Approximately two weeks before the start of classes, students will be added based on the sections in Settings. During the semester, student rosters are updated daily to allow for students dropping and adding course sections.

Students may not necessarily receive invitations to your published Canvas course. They can go to, log on using their UDelNet ID and password and select Accept if they see the notice to join a published course.

students Can I copy content from a Canvas course from a previous semester?

Instructors can replicate all or some of the files, pages and tool content from one course to another. They must have access to both the original course and the course to which the information is being copied.

studentsstudentsCan I receive messages such can Conversations and Announcements without logging in to Canvas?

Users can specify where they will see notices by customizing their Notifications.

students Can I copy Resources from a Sakai course to a Canvas course?

Use WebDAV to download files from Sakai to a local folder using Windows or a Mac, then upload them to Canvas by dragging and dropping the files into Canvas from your computer. However, sometimes too many files can cause problems. If you have more than 50 files, try zipping the files and uploading the zip file into your course.

We are developing procedures to move quizzes from Sakai to Canvas. Contact the IT Support Center for assistance.

instructors How can I upload Scantron test results to Canvas?

After you get your exam results back, you will need to tweak the data a bit to include it in a csv file that can be imported to the Canvas Grades tool. The entire process is documented in this handout.


Summer 2017 rosters

Student enrollments for Summer 2017 will be synchronized in Canvas starting on Tuesday, May 23rd.

Instructor notes:

  • Your course must be published for students to have access. Students are automatically listed under People. Publishing the course makes it available to your students. To publish/un-publish the course, please refer to this instruction.

IT Academic Technology Services staff is always available at the Faculty Commons (116 Pearson Hall) to help you decide between the different educational technology options supported at UD.

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