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instructors Is Canvas replacing Sakai@UD?

Canvas is NOT replacing Sakai@UD. Both environments will be supported.

Having an alternative to Sakai will give faculty the opportunity to choose a learning environment that will suit their needs most effectively, regardless of the delivery method (e.g., face-to-face, hybrid, online).

instructors Why was Canvas chosen?

Canvas provides many of the features UD faculty have requested for a learning management system, including the ability to work on any browser and on mobile devices. Canvas offers a modern, easy-to-use interface, significantly faster grading tools, easy-to-use rubrics, and improved communication with students through integration with social media like Facebook and Twitter as well as with Google Apps. Drag-and-drop usability throughout the program makes for easy file handling.

instructors How do I know if Canvas is right for my course?

You can look at the documentation or meet with IT staff.

instructors How do the Canvas tools compare to those in Sakai?

Canvas allows both instructors and students to integrate common social media programs such as Facebook and Twitter into their coursework. Multimedia items such as videos and audio recordings can be easily incorporated into content and student assignment submissions. Check the list of tools offered by each learning management system.

instructors How can I set up my course in Canvas@UD?

Instructors can create/request a UD Canvas course site by using the Canvas course creation tool.

instructors Can I copy my Sakai course to Canvas@UD?

Use WebDAV to download files from Sakai to a local folder using Windows or a Mac, then upload them to Canvas by dragging and dropping the files into Canvas from your computer. However, sometimes too many files can cause problems. If you have more than 50 files, try zipping the files and uploading the zip file into your course.

We are developing procedures to move quizzes from Sakai to Canvas. Contact the IT Support Center for assistance.

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