Installing McAfee VirusScan (Windows Vista and 7)

These instructions will help you install McAfee VirusScan on your Windows computer. You'll need to restart your computer; be sure to save your work before you install VirusScan.

  1. Uninstall other anti-virus programs, including other versions of McAfee before installing the UD-customized version of VirusScan.
  2. Download McAfee VirusScan and save it to your desktop.
  3. After your computer finishes downloading the file, close your Web browser and look for the following icon on your desktop:
    vscan8.exe icon

  4. Double-click the icon to extract the files and start installing VirusScan.
  5. When you see the message McAfee VirusScan Setup completed successfully, click OK.
  6. You will see a batch screen letting you know that McAfee is installing the virus definitions.
  7. Ensure you have saved all open files BEFORE you follow the prompt that says Press any key to continue. After you press a key, your computer will restart.
  8. After your computer restarts, run a manual scan (Windows Vista, Windows 7).
  9. Delete vscan88.exe from your desktop.

The UD version of VirusScan will automatically scan your computer for viruses every Wednesday at approximately noon.

Your computer will automatically check for updates to VirusScan every day at 3:00 p.m. VirusScan will also do a full monthly scan on the first Monday of the month at approximately 11 a.m.


After you install VirusScan, VShield will automatically run while your computer is on. You'll need to disable VShield to run Scandisk or Disk Defragmenter. You'll also need to disable it to install some software titles—refer to the installation instructions when installing new software to determine whether you should disable VShield.

Last updated 4/14/14

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