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UD students and employees can type their UDelNet IDs, email addresses, or UD IDs in the Username text box on the CAS login screen. Parents and guardians can type the email address they registered using the Parent/Guardian Services Account Management form in the Username text box.

Employees and students

Employees and students can visit My UD Settings to manage their UDelNet IDs and passwords.

  • If you have forgotten your UDelNet password, you can create a new password at My UD Settings: Forgot My Password.
  • To change your UDelNet password or to retrieve your UDelNet ID, follow these directions:
    1. Go to My UD Settings.
    2. Log in with either your UDelNet ID or UD ID and password. Your UDelNet ID, UD ID, and other account information is displayed after you log in.
    3. To change your UDelNet password, in the My account settings section, choose Change my password.
    4. The instructions on each page will guide you through setting a new password. You will be notified that the new password is accepted. It may take up to 60 seconds for your new password to become effective. Please wait one minute for our system to process your request, and then use your new password to log in to UD secure applications.
    5. If you are unable to change your password follow the directions below.
      • Applicants and newly admitted undergraduate and graduate students—contact Admissions at (302) 831-2792.
      • Enrolled undergraduate students—contact the University Registrar at (302) 831-2131.
      • Enrolled graduate students—contact the Graduate Office at (302) 831-6824.
      • Employees—contact your Departmental HR Liason.
  • You can also change your UDelNet ID from My UD Settings. However, we recommend that under ordinary circumstances you do not change your UDelNet ID. Contact the IT Support Center for more information.

Parents and guardians

  • Your username is the email address you specified on the Parent/Guardian Services Account form.
  • If you forget what email address you registered, ask your UD student to log in to UDSIS and review the information on the Manage Parent/Guardian Access screen. Your student can see the email address you registered next to your name then communicate that information to you.
  • If you forget your password, you can create a new password at the Parent/Guardian Password Reset page.

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