Using Google Authenticator with UD 2FA

Using Google Authenticator on a smartphone or other mobile device is one of three methods you can use with UD's two-factor authentication (2FA) service. It is the recommended choice for use with UD's VPN service.

Click one of the headings below to see how to set up or use Google Authenticator with UD's 2FA service.

Setting up Google Authenticator

Note that the easiest method of setting up Google Authenticator on your smartphone or mobile device requires that your device have a QR Code scanner (e.g., QR reader included in iOS or QR Reader for iPhone, Barcode Scanner for Android, etc. [More information]).

  1. Download and install the Google Authenticator app from either the Google Play (Android) or App Store (Apple iOS devices) on your mobile device. Google Authenticator is available for Android and iOS smartphones, devices, and tablets--even iPod Touch devices.
  2. Using a Web browser on a computer, go to the My UD Settings page.
  3. NOTE: If you have not yet enrolled in 2FA, you must do so at the My UD Settings page before you can set up Google Authenticator.

  4. Scroll down the page to the Primary method for receiving authentication code section. Click the radio button next to Google Authenticator app.
    Google Authenticator screenshot
  5. Scroll down the page to the Google Authenticator app section. Click the radio button next to Scan a QR code.
    Google Authenticator screenshot
    Leave the Web page open on your computer and pick up your mobile phone or device.
  6. Open Google Authenticator on your mobile phone or device. Tap Begin setup at the bottom of the screen.
    Google Authenticator screenshot
  7. On the next screen, tap Scan a barcode.
    Google Authenticator screenshot
  8. Point your mobile phone or device's main camera (back of the case) at the QR code displayed on your computer (from step 5 above).
  9. When you see a screen on your phone or device like the one below, Google Authenticator is ready for you to use.
    Google Authenticator screenshot
    In fact, you can use the code it displays as your second password, as your 2FA code.
Note that Google Authenticator requires a network connection only while you are configuring it for use. Once it is installed and configured on your device, it does not require Wi-Fi or cell service to generate a 2FA code.

Using Google Authenticator

In order to log in to UD secure services using 2FA, you will need to open the app to get the automatically generated authentication code. Note that Google Authenticator does not require Wi-Fi or cellular service to generate a 2FA code.

  1. Start logging in to the UD service you plan to use or to the AnyConnect VPN client.
  2. When prompted for your Second Password or Two-factor (2FA) code, field, open Google Authenticator on your mobile phone or device.
    Google Authenticator screenshot
  3. Type the six-digit number you see on Google Authenticator in the Second Password or Two-factor (2FA) code field. Click Connect (AnyConnect) or Log in (CAS). Do not press the SPACEBAR or type any other characters. Just type the six-digit number.
    NOTE: Each code is available for a limited time. Google Authenticator will generate a new code for you every 30 seconds. Each code will be valid for about two minutes.

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