Multiple sign-ins and Google Apps

Using multiple accounts

As of July 21, 2011, Google's multiple sign-in feature works whether you start with your account or your account; however, there are fewer steps if you begin with your account.

Using Google's multiple sign-in feature starting at your account

If you have logged in to your account first and want to also use your account in the same browser, you can do so. However, there are some extra steps when compared with logging in to first.

  1. If you're logged in to your or account, select Switch account from the drop-down menu as shown below:
    Screen Shot: Switch account

  2. On the Sign in to another account screen, type your email address--including the part--and password as shown below:
    Screen Shot: Starting at gmail

    Click Sign in.

  3. As of July 21, 2011, you are not able to log in directly on this screen. The screen will reload with an error message that tells you to click "Continue." As of July 21, "Continue" was not an active link. Instead, click About signing in.
    Screen Shot: No Continue. Select About signing in.

  4. On the Sign in to your organization's account page, click Sign in at
    Screen Shot: Sign in at

  5. You will see the standard Google Apps screen. Log in to your UD account as you ordinarily would.

  6. Some clients report that they see an error screen next. If you do, select Switch Accounts.
    Screen Shot: Extra Step -- switch accounts

  7. After you log in with your account, you'll be able to move back and forth between Google Apps and In the screen shots below, the highlighting shows Google Docs open in two tabs, one at and the other at You can see which account you are viewing towards the right of the Google menu.
    Screen shot: Google Docs two tabs 1 browser 1

    Screen shot: Google Docs two tabs 1 browser 2