Known issues with Google Drive support's Google Drive support site includes information about error messages and "known issues"—problems that knows about.

UD notes about Google Drive

  • If you have two Google Apps accounts, for example one at and one at Google Apps at UD, you can use both accounts at (Google Drive in the "cloud"), but you can only use the Google Drive desktop client with one of your Google accounts (e.g., Google Apps at UD or standard For more information, see Switch between multiple Google Drive accounts at the Google Drive support site.
  • When you store information at (Google Drive online), you are storing information "in the cloud" at an off-campus facility. For most student work and much collaborative work, that is not a major issue. However, we urge UD employees to consider privacy issues, Federal laws, and grant restrictions before storing any personal or UD data on a non-UD server. For more information, see Advice about using and other cloud services.
  • If you have chosen not to use the Google Drive desktop application, you can use still Google Drive at Google Apps at UD.

    Google Drive (Web) showing My Drive and Download Google Drive

    • If you click the triangle next to My Drive, you'll see a list of your folders.

    • If you click Shared with me, you'll see a list of the folders and documents others have shared with you.

    • You can also follow the link to Download Google Drive later should you choose to use the desktop client to back up your work or sync some of your files using Google Drive.

More information

For more information about Google Drive, go to's Google Drive Support Web site.

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