Backing up your files with Google Drive

Most people think of Google Drive as an easy way to share files with other people or to work on the same file from different computers. In addition, Google Drive provides a cost-effective way to back up some of your current files.

There are two methods of using Google Drive to help you back up files:

  1. Make a copy of files you want to back up and move the copies into your computer's Google Drive folder. The copy will be synced to when your computer connects to the Internet. This method's advantage is that you are not changing the way you are using other folders on your computer. The disadvantage: you have to make a copy and move it into the Google Drive folder for it to be backed up.
  2. Move the files you want backed up directly into your computer's Google Drive folder. You can move entire folders into the Google Drive folder. This method's advantage: Every time you save a file, it is automatically synced to The disadvantage: Moving files into the Google Drive folder may not match how you have your computer files organized.

Unlimited free storage space

Automatic syncing

Google Drive automatically syncs the files that are in your computer's (local) Google Drive folder with those stored at

More information

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