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PBL2020 is coming soon! Plan to join us at the University of Delaware to lear about problem-based learning in its classic form. Visit PBL2020 for more info.

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Learn more through hands-on experience.

ITUE Leaders help educators learn how to incorporate PBL instruction in the classroom by placing them in the role of student. Educators observe the process at first hand, working with others to solve problems and to create effective materials that facilitate PBL.

Leaders provide both on- and off-campus workshops for college and university faculty, K-12 teachers, and organizations interested in developing problem-based training for their personnel. By invitation, Leaders travel to other campuses and locations around the country and the world.

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On-campus workshops are open to UD faculty, as well as faculty and staff from any K-12 or higher education institution. Faculties from many other institutions in the U.S. and around the world have become ITUE Fellows, including France, Canada, Peru, Mexico, Brazil, and Chile.

Visit our upcoming workshops page for more information.

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ITUE Leaders travel to campuses around the world conducting workshops that are tailored to enhance the experience for individual participants.

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