Books on PBL from the University of Delaware

            Power of Problem Based Learning

The Power of Problem-Based Learning

A Practical "How To" For Teaching Undergraduate Courses in Any Discipline
Edited by Barbara Duch, Susan Gron, and Deborah Allen

Stylus Publishing, LLC (2001), 256 pages
ISBN 1-57922-037-1, paper, $24.95
ISBN 1-57922-036-3, cloth, $59.95

Exploring Foodservice Systems Management through

Exploring Foodservice Systems Management Through Problems, 3rd ed.

Elizabeth Lieux and Patricia Luoto

Prentice Hall (2008), 300 pages
ISBN 0-13-232542-X, paper, $29

Exploring Quantity Food Production and Service through

Thinking Toward Solutions: Problem-Based Learning Activities for General Biology

Deborah Allen and Barbara Duch

Harcourt College Publishing (1998), 136 pages
ISBN 0-03-025033-1, paperback, $28