Articles about PBL from the University of Delaware:

UD News Articles

UD Contributions to PBL2008: Learning without Limits, an international conference in Colima, México in January 2008, hosted by Universidad de Colima.

UD Contributions to PBL2006: Connecting Learning to the Real World, an international conference in Lima, Perú in July 2006, hosted by Pontificia Universidad Católica del Perú.

UD Contributions to PBL2004: Pleasure By Learning, an international conference in Cancun, México in June 2004, hosted by Tec de Monterrey.

Dan Tries Problem-Based Learning: A Case Study, Hal White

A problem-based learning course in physiology for undergraduate and graduate basic science students, Sheella Mierson

PBL Articles in Biochemical Education and Biochemistry and Molecular Biology Education, Hal White

Using Technology to Promote Success in PBL Courses, G. H. Watson, The Technology Source May/June 2002.

University of Delaware's Faculty-IT Partnership: Educational Transformation through Teamwork, Janet de Vry and G. H. Watson, The Technology Source, May/June 2003.

Qualitative Assessment Activities for Pew Grant on Problem-Based Learning (PBL), Gabriele Bauer

Scaling Up Research-Based Education for Undergraduates: Problem-Based Learning, D. E. Allen, B. J. Duch, S. E. Groh, G. H. Watson, and H. B. White,

In Evidence-Based Teaching

Allen, D. E., R. S. Donham, and S. A. Bernhardt. "The Evidence for Problem-Based Learning." In Evidence-Based Teaching. Edited by William Buskist and James Groccia. Series: New Directions In Teaching and Learning. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.  Winter, 2011: 21-30.

Problem-Based Learning: An Introduction, from The National Teaching & Learning Forum:

Table of Contents
UD Interview vignettes:
Kurt Burch, Chandra Reedy, and Barb Duch

Student Active Science, published by Harcourt College Publishing

Institutional Change in Science Education: A Case Study, Susan E. Groh, Barbara A. Williams, Deborah E. Allen, Barbara J. Duch, Sheella Mierson, and Harold B. White, III
Bringing Problem-Based Learning to the Introductory Biology Classroom, Deborah E. Allen
Cooperative Problem-Based Learning in an Undergraduate Physics Classroom, Barbara A. Williams and Barbara J. Duch

Spring 1996 issue of About Teaching*

Problem-Based Learning: A Note From the Editor
Teaching with Tutors, Deborah Allen
But I Teach a Large Class..., Linda Dion
Introducing Art History through PBL, Mark Miller
PBL in a Large Introductory Geology Class, Allan Thompson
A Comparative Study of Learning in Lecture vs. Problem-Based Format, Elizabeth Lieux
Problems: A Key Factor in PBL, Barbara Duch
From the Students' Point of View (student comments)
From the Tutors' Point of View (tutor comments)

January 1995 issue of About Teaching*

The Power of PBL: From the editor
What is Problem-Based Learning?
"Creating Problems" for PBL, Hal White
A Student-Centered Model of PBL, Sheella Mierson
PBL in Physics -- The Power of Students Teaching Students, Barbara Duch
PBL and the Lively Classroom, Kurt Burch


*Articles from About Teaching, a newsletter of the Center for Teaching Effectiveness at the University of Delaware, are reprinted with permission.

March 20, 1996 Media Tipsheet from NSF:

Critical Thinking Brought "To Bore" at AAAS