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PBL2020 is coming soon! Plan to join us at the University of Delaware to lear about problem-based learning in its classic form. Visit PBL2020 for more info.

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The Motivation to Learn Begins with a Problem

In a problem-based learning (PBL) model, students engage complex, challenging problems and collaboratively work toward their resolution. PBL is about students connecting disciplinary knowledge to real-world problems—the motivation to solve a problem becomes the motivation to learn.

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For more than ten years, the Leaders and Fellows of the Institute for Transforming University Education (ITUE) have encouraged the adoption of student-centered and active classroom pedagogies—and in particular—the use of PBL in the undergraduate classroom. On- and off-campus workshops are held for faculty and students to enhance their understanding of PBL.

Recipient of a Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence

                Hesburgh Award The Theodore M. Hesburgh Award was created to acknowledge and reward successful, innovative faculty development programs that enhance undergraduate teaching. ITUE is a recipient of the Hesburgh Certificate of Excellence for its work in implementing problem-based learning in the classroom.

In this peer-reviewed online resource, educators have the opportunity to submit and publish their own problems and articles on problem-based learning.

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An Experiment in Using Plants to Get the Lead out, Environmental Science - 8/7/2016

Vehicle Fatalities in Delaware, Public Policy - 9/21/2016

Friend, Can You Spare a Kidney for Our Son Levon?, Economics - 3/1/2017

Problem-Based Learning Clearinghouse open for new submissions

A new version of the Clearinghouse is now open for your use. Authors are encouraged to submit new problems.

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