Graduate Students

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Since its inception in 1972, the IEC has always played a major role in research and development of photovoltaic solar cells and photonic devices. As a designated University Center of Excellencefor Photovoltaic Research and Education, the IEC supervises graduate students and their work in conjunction with the departments of Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Materials Science, Mechanical Engineering, and Physics.






Current Graduate Students

Nuha Ahmed, Electrical Engineering
Quantitative analysis of electroluminescence, photoluminescence & light beam induced current imaging techniques for advanced characterization of solar modules.

Doug Bishop, Materials Science & Engineering
Investigating fabrication and characterization of earth abundant CZT(S,Se) solar cells.

Lei Chen, Physics
Device fabrication and optimization of wide band gap thin-film solar cells with co-evaporated (Ag,Cu)(In,Ga)Se2 absorbers

Trishelle Copeland-Johnson, Chemical Engineering
Development of perovskite solar cells for energy generation in extraterrestrial environments

Bobby Forest, Chemical Engineering
Studying hydrogen production by photoelectrochemical reforming of biomass derived oxygenates

Jianbo He, Materials Science & Engineering
Laser processes in IBC-SHJ solar cells

Stella Liu, Materials Science and Engineering
Back contact Si heterojunction solar cells using innovative laser processing in very thin Si wafers

Robert Lovelett, Chemical Engineering
Investigating rapid selenization processes in CIGS solar cells

Tom Mangan, Materials Science & Engineering
Studies thin-film photovoltaic cells utilizing Copper Zinc Tin Sulfide (CZTS) as the absorber layer

Gowri Sriramagiri, Electrical Engineering
Prepare very thin Si wafers and fabrication of c-Si heterojunction solar cells with transparent back contacts. Incorporation of light trapping grating layers to improve PV device performance.

Sina Soltanmohammad, Materials Science & Engineering
Cu(InGa)(SeS)2 film growth using selenization/sulfization of metal precursors

Curtis Walkons, Physics
Research is to theoretically model and experimentally characterize CdTe solar cells to improve the device performance.

Peipei Xin, Materials Science & Engineering
Superstrate CIGS solar cells with tandem structure

Lei Zhang, Electrical Engineering
Low cost back contact hetero-junction solar cells on thin c-si wafers: integrating laser and thin film processing for improved manufacturability