Advanced Studies – Graduate Research

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IEC has an active educational program where both graduate students from:
Chemical Engineering
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Materials Science & Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Physics & Astronomy
NSF: Integrated Graduate Education and Research Training Program (IGERT)
• University of Delaware: Sustainable Energy from Solar Hydrogen
• Solar Economy Integrative Graduate Education and Research Training (SEIGERT)

Work with professional staff members on research projects and/or perform their dissertation work. Graduate students need to apply and get accepted in an academic department indicating their interest in performing their PhD or Master research at IEC. The students will have faculty advisor and a co-advisor who is a member of the professional staff at IEC. Interested student can get graduate school application materials from the University's web site at www.udel.edu.

Interested in Graduate Research at IEC?

The Institute of Energy Conversion is looking for high quality applicants in all areas of science and engineering. Students doing research in IEC must first be accepted as a graduate student by a department at the University of Delaware. Research through IEC is then arranged by the graduate students' assigned faculty advisor.

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Chemical Engineering
Chemistry & Biochemistry
Materials Science
Electrical Engineering
Mechanical Engineering
Physics & Astronomy

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