CdTe vapor transport system


The capabilities of the IEC are a function of the outstanding talent and resources that are available to those individuals. Our leadership boasts some of the most recognized researchers in the solar industry, in addition to our affiliation with the University of Delaware – a recognized and respected institution with a long legacy of solar innovators.

Facilities and Labs

The 40,000-square-foot IEC building houses laboratory and office space to accommodate the Institute's sophisticated thin-film solar cell and related engineering research programs. The Institute is the only thin-film photovoltaic laboratory in the world currently conducting basic research and development on a broad range of thin-film solar cell materials. The center is one of two U.S. Department of Energy Centers of Excellence for photovoltaic research and education.


The IEC laboratories have a vast array of equipment – often custom- designed and built – to further our studies fulfill requests on behalf of our partners. A list of the current equipment on premises is available here.