Awards and Honorifics

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As an institution of longstanding leadership in photovoltaic research and development, few are better positioned to understand academic innovation and pioneering contributions as intimately as the IEC. With that in mind, the Institute annually honors two distinct categories of work, providing awards for academic achievement as well as pioneering performance in the development of photovoltaics.

The Bill N. Baron Fellowship is an academic fellowship awarded to two University of Delaware students each year in recognition of their contributions to Photovoltaic R&D at the University of Delaware.

The two recipients of the 2012 Bill N. Baron Fellowship Awards are Erik Koepf of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Kenneth Schmieder of the Department of Electrical Engineering for their contributions to the renewable energy field.

The Karl W. Boer Solar Energy Medal of Merit Award recognizes individuals of great distinction who by their research or application or policies have made extraordinary contributions to the development of solar energy nationally and internationally.