Wayne A. Buchanan

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Wayne A. Buchanan is a Research Associate I at the Institute of Energy Conversion at the University of Delaware.

He received his B.A. degree in biological sciences from the University of Delaware in 1977. He began working at the Institute in 1978 on device characterization and analysis. In 1983 and continuing to the present, he has contributed to the research and development of amorphous silicon and CdTe solar cells.

He has designed, constructed, operated, and supervised the construction and operation of complex semiconductor deposition systems and has directed and trained technicians, post-docs and undergraduate students in the operation of these systems. Through his research, he has developed processes for the deposition of high quality a-Si, CdTe and CdS films. He established safety standards for the installation and handling of highly toxic and/or pyrophoric gases associated with a-Si deposition systems and has a working knowledge of most of the equipment used at IEC.

Mr. Buchanan served as the chair of the IEC Safety Committee for 10 years and has co-authored over 15 publications for conferences and journals.

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