Erten Eser

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Dr. Eser has been at the Institute of Energy Conversion since 1995. Initially he managed a-Si:H solar cell research and coordinated Institute's participation in a DARPA sponsored consortium for the development of Cu(InGa)Se2 based photovoltaics on flexible substrates.

Later, he continued his work on flexible Cu(InGa)Se2 based photovoltaics through funding from NREL, DOE (SAI University) and from companies such as Global Solar Energy, Ascent Solar, and DuPont. Prior to his appointment at IEC, Dr. Eser has been a consultant in photovoltaic technology and business development.

Until 1992 he has been employed at APS, Inc. where, as manager for amorphous silicon development and later as director of technology, he was involved in the development of amorphous silicon manufacturing technology for a facility of 10 MWp annual capacity.

Prior to his employment at APS, Dr. Eser worked at Chronar Corp. on various projects dealing with thermal and light induced instabilities in a-Si, established a materials laboratory that performs company wide analytical services.

Previously Dr. Eser worked as associate scientist at the Institute of Energy Conversion of the University of Delaware and at Arco Solar Inc. Dr. Eser has 39 publications and 6 US patents with 3 pending.

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