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2018 Fall Hockey League

Players cannot turn 14 before December 16, 2018.

Season operates September 9-December 16, 2018.

cross-ice hockey

Cross Ice Hockey League: Cross-ice hockey is specifically designed for players 9 and under and provides fast results in the most enjoyable environment available. Cross-ice hockey is a system whereby skaters play the game along one-third of the width of the rink rather than the full length. The reduced playing area increases the players’ need to move faster and gain better control of the puck, and the players receive more touches of the puck than in a full-ice game. The program is designed for children ages 9 years and under. Teams consist of roughly eight players and participate in a 3–on–3 game lasting one hour.

Low player–to–coach ratios further guarantee instruction from our dedicated volunteer coaches. Games are played on both ends of the rink, and coaches are able to individually instruct those skaters not playing in the center ice area. Participants must have completed Hockey 2 or a comparable class to be eligible for the Cross Ice Hockey League.

sScross-ice hockey

Fall Ice Hockey League: Summer Ice Hockey League is designed for players ages 10 to 13 (cannot turn 14 before December 16, 2018) (or if evaluated to play full ice if younger than 10). This league is a great way to have fun while further developing hockey skills. The Full Ice League provides players quality game experience without travel. A qualified, professional coaching staff emphasizes improving skating, hockey and team playing skills through practice and game experience. All games for the Full Ice League are played at the University of Delaware.

2018 Fall In-House Hockey League: Click Here to register for the Fall Hockey League

cross-ice hockey

The 2018 Fall Cross-Ice & Full Ice Leagues begins on September 9, 2018; 4pm-530pm GOLD ICE ARENA (Evaluation Date).

Registration fee is $300 per player and $275 each additional family member, if you register starting August 3, 2018 until September 3, 2018.

Week of Registration fee (Starting September 4, 2018) is $350 per player and $325 each additional family member.

All refunds are subject to a $25 processing fee; no refunds will be provided after the 2nd week of the season; unless for medical reasons and then the refund will be pro-rated.

Games and practices for Cross Ice: Practices Saturday mornings 11am-Noon; few Friday evening practices. Games are on Sunday between 2:45pm-5:00pm; depending on game schedule.

Games and practices for Full Ice: Practices Saturday mornings 7:30am- 8:50am; few Friday evening practices. Games are on Sunday between 3:45pm-7:00pm; depending on game schedule.

Full equipment is required (helmet with cage and mouthguard, shoulder and elbow pads, gloves, protective cup, hockey pants, shin guards, skates, stick and hockey socks).

Program Highlights & FAQ's

  • The emphasis will be on FUN for all players while developing players’ core hockey skills.
  • Full Ice League will play full ice games and have referees for games.
  • Cross ice games are played across the width of one zone. It is played
        3–on–3 or 4–on–4 as opposed to 5 skaters a side.
  • All players will receive a team game jersey and game socks for the season.
  • Q: How do I determine my son/daughters “hockey age”?
    A: Anyone who is doesn't turn age 14 by December 16, 2018 is able to participate in the summer hockey league.

    Q: Who makes the determination on team placements?
    A: The director and coaches will make the decisions during evaluations. Players will be placed in the division in which their skill level is best suited for. Our goal is to have each child playing where they will be challenged but not put their safety or enthusiasm for the sport of hockey in jeopardy.

    Q: Will ice time be equal?
    A: Each player will receive an equitable amount of ice time. Please be mindful that it is not possible to achieve EXACT ice time, particularly if there is an odd number of players a given game. Any concerns should be brought to the director’s attention.

    Q: Is full equipment required?
    A: Yes, full equipment is required; including mouth guard.

    Q: Will checking be allowed during in-house games?
    A: No

    Q: How are coaches selected?
    A: They volunteer. Most coaches are parents of players, some have played competitive hockey others have not.  Please give them the respect they deserve for volunteering.

    For more information about the program call (302) 831-6038, or e-mail Jim Kaden, Assistant Athletic Director, Ice Arena/Outdoor Aquatics Center.

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